Well what a great start to the Winter Classic on show at Bonnet Bay, Gm1 between the Bandits and the Mud Dogs saw a great Pitching display from Brooks n Bastow with both Starters combining for 14ks, though the Bandits came up in clutch situations in the box to take this one 4 to 1.Gm2 was between the 66rs and the Renegades once again alot of clutch hitting though some questionable Non HR calls going against the 66rs would hurt them in this one. Renegades got up 4 nil.Gm3 was one for the ages between the Wahoos and the Jethawks. The Wahoos were cruising in this game with 3 hrs and great pitching taking a 9 to 2 lead into the bottom of the 7th, then if you thought Dean Pays coaching was in trouble at the Bulldogs, Jaedan n Josh said "Hold my Beer" and they proceeded to blow a 7 run lead to lose in a walk off 10 to 9. Great stuff by the Jethawks

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